NeuroMovement® Revolution Episode 12

We find these podcasts so interesting and fun! It is extraordinary to feel connected to people from all over the world. And we’re happy to hear that people are finding these helpful. We appreciate you joining us online and for sharing this podcast with others!

If you missed the live podcast, we invite you to view or listen to the recordings below.

Episode 12 – Our Anat Baniel Method International Practitioner Training Program

We’ve been receiving many questions regarding our September 2019 Practitioner Training Program. The training is a remarkable process that provides trainees with a new profession or powerful tools to enhance their performance in their current profession, as well as positive personal transformations many have longed for.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp discuss:

  • the Practitioner Training Program consists of 10 segments, completed in approximately 14 months (6 segments are in person and 4 segments are online)
  • people from many backgrounds and with a variety of experience have completed the training
  • no specific educational requirements are needed in order to apply to the program
  • after completion of this program, graduates can complete certification programs in three focus areas: children with special needs, vitality and anti-aging, and high performers
  • A Life Unbound, a new documentary, is another way to learn more about this Method
  • related questions from the audience

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