Overcoming Pain & Limitation: Experiences from an Anat Baniel Method® Workshop

Anat Baniel Method WorkshopI recently finished teaching our Anat Baniel Method® workshop for Healthy Backs and Necks: Overcoming Pain and Limitation. It was an amazing experience with a wonderful group of people. And, it was fantastic to witness the changes that happened in just two days. Let me share a couple of stories with you…

One woman in the workshop was rear-ended in a car accident years ago and had lost most of her sensation in her ring and little fingers on both hands. Coming back on the second day, she reported that she had sensation in those four fingers. She also said that when biting on her fingers, she could feel pain…which she hadn’t felt in 28 years. This woman is an equestrian (she rides horses), and now she will be able to hold the reins and use all her fingers while riding and guiding her horse. As you can imagine, she was ecstatic.

There was a gentleman who had almost completely severed his right hand a few weeks ago. His hand was sewn back on, and he wanted to recover its function. In those two days, his ability to use his arm and wrist were greatly improved. He came to this workshop because 30 years ago, when I just started as a practitioner, I worked with a chiropractor who completely severed his hand (and had it reattached). And through our work together, he regained full functioning, and has had a long and successful career as a chiropractor.

Also in attendance was a young, petite woman who gave birth to full-term twins 13 years ago. This birth impacted her pelvic floor and hip joints, and she was unable to cross her legs ever since. On the second day of the workshop, she found herself spontaneously sitting with her legs crossed. And, she kept saying: I don’t understand what just happened.

My response was: Your brain just changed. Through what we are doing, your brain is getting new information and it has reorganized your body.

A fourth person in the workshop reconnected with early childhood emotions…emotions that she had been pushing away and been unaware of, for many years. The work we did gave her an opportunity to move past these emotions. I wish you could have seen her face at the end of the workshop. She was beaming and easily looked 20 years younger.

I never cease to be amazed by the remarkable power of people to learn and change. I feel privileged to have an opportunity to contribute to others in this way. And it is lots of fun, as well.

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Thank you to all who participated! I invite you to share your stories and experiences with us on social media.

Anat Baniel