Online Launch of Anat Baniel Method® Continuing Education Mastery Workshops

NeuroMovement®: Vitality & Anti-Aging

The first online segment of our Anat Baniel Method (ABM) for Vitality & Anti-Aging Mastery (V&AA) program is now up and running. There will be three V&AA training segments, two of which will be online and one in-person segment.

We had a few glitches with the launch (as can be expected with technical things), mostly associated with certain limits and the way the site needs to be used. And now, we have quite a few happy campers and a few ecstatic ones!

Again, I’d like to extend my deep appreciation for the ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioners who are open to experimenting with this medium. It is very promising!

I’d like to share the comments I received from a couple of people who are doing this new online ABM NeuroMovement® continuing educaction workshop:

“I just completed day 2.  I was uncertain about how well it would work since I don’t have a high speed internet connection but my LTE Data stick is working fabulously! The way the menu works it’s very easy to know which video to watch next and you can see what it’s about which helps to plan when to watch it.  It also allows me the freedom to learn when I’m rested and more open to learning.” —Joan K.

“I have just finished about half of day 1 of the V&AA training. Loving the material!!! Had a few glitches that Mike very graciously handled and I believe that the format will work well. I love that I will be able to go over the material several times. I will be a purchaser and supporter of all of your online training things. 🙂 Congratulations on the V&AA launch.”—Barbara H.

Chris and Ken, two of the members of our online team, have also created a wonderful user manual. Below is a small sample.

In addition, Neil has done an awesome job of creating the online quizzes, and Keri is fabulous in making sure that there are no mistakes. We have an awesome team working on this. Thank you all for your contributions and work!

We look forward to making this the best training segment ever,

Anat Baniel

For more information on our new blended (online and in-person) ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner Training Program, go to