NeuroMovement Revolution Podcast with Anat Baniel

NeuroMovement® Revolution Podcast with Anat Baniel

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We will randomly select a few of these questions, and Anat will address them in the live podcast. Anat will also randomly select and answer live questions during the podcast, so make sure to participate by sending comments during the event. She wants to have a conversation with you!


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How do I access the live video podcasts?
Many of the episodes will be Facebook Live video podcasts. A few days before the LIVE podcast date, we will post and send out a direct URL link for you to access the podcast. For pre-recorded podcasts, we will post and send you the link on the day of the podcast.

Do I need a Facebook account to watch the podcast?
You do not need a Facebook account to watch the podcast. Simply click on the link when it’s time to join the podcast.
Note: You cannot access the podcast until it goes live whether or not you have a Facebook account. In addition, you will need to be logged into Facebook if you wish to comment or ask questions during the podcast.

Can I share the podcast with my friends?
We’d love it if you share this information with your friends. We post these events on the ABM website:

We also post this information on our Facebook page: under Events.

Will there be future podcasts with other topics? May I suggest future topics?
We appreciate your suggestions for other topics and will share these with Anat. Please check back on Facebook and our ABM website to see future podcast topics. We will also be sending out email announcements for future podcasts.

I can’t make the live podcast. Will the podcast be recorded and accessible later?
Yes. The podcast will be recorded and available for access through multiple platforms, such as our NeuroMovement YouTube channel, Facebook page, and website. If you can’t make the LIVE podcast, please watch for upcoming announcements on Facebook and our ABM website for the link to the recording.

Do I need to register to access the recording? Is there any charge?
No, there is no charge and you do not need to register to access the recorded podcasts. They will be publicly available on Facebook, YouTube, our ABM website, and at the places listed below.

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See you online for the NeuroMovement® Revolution!

Anat Baniel