A Child with Motor Development Delays

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

“When, at 8 months, our daughter was diagnosed with motor development delays, my husband and I were looking frantically at everything that could be done to help her develop to her best ability and to minimize and eliminate any limitations or impairments for her future.

Very soon we heard from someone about Anat Baniel and her lifelong dedication to helping children with special needs. We saw Anat for the first time when our daughter was 10 months old….which gave our daughter the best possibility to learn how use her body in new functional ways.

While there is still a long way to go in terms of all the motor development challenges we are facing, there were some significant gains made in the past 7 months.

Since we started receiving lessons, our daughter gained better control of her hands (her fists were clenched closed most of the time), her hands are now open, and she can lift her hands to shoulder level while in my arms. Our daughter can now roll from her back to her belly and from her belly to her back. Sometimes while she is on her belly she can creep forward a little towards a toy she likes.

While she is still not speaking, ABM [NeuroMovement] lessons really influenced her vocalization and she is now babbling much more (especially after an ABM lesson).

Finally, our daughter used to suffer terribly in car rides. Now, the screaming in the car stopped completely and she is actually happy if we tell her that we are going for a ride….”

—Iris & Ariel