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  • This is a recording of live event held as a joint benefit at the ABM Center in San Rafael, CA, in August 2014. Byron Katie discusses the challenges of parenting a child with special needs. 105-minute streaming video. All proceeds from this video go to the ABM Foundation and The Work Foundation, Inc.
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    This NeuroMovement® and Children on the Autism Spectrum Presentation is a recording of a LIVE event that was offered at the ABM Center in San Rafael, California, in 2016. This 2-hour+ presentation is delivered as streaming video, which can be viewed on a computer, tablet, or smart phone with high speed internet access. You will learn about the 9 Essentials and their power to wake up your child's brain. You will begin to better understand your child's experience and acquire new ways of interacting with your child that will promote learning. You will also enhance your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being in the process. Professionals will be able to apply these concepts and techniques in their practice. We are offering this video at no cost, and instead we invite you to make a donation to the Anat Baniel Method Foundation (ABMF). Your generous gift will support more equitable access to Anat Baniel Method lessons for special needs children by providing scholarship funds for families that could not otherwise afford services for their child.


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  • Reach new levels of flexibility and strength in your joints, and enhance well-being in body and mind. This product is Streaming Audio / MP3 ONLY. No discs.
  • Reach new levels of strength and flexibility in your neck, and enhance well-being in body and mind. This product is Streaming / MP3 ONLY. No discs.
  • Experience dramatic and immediate results and relieve most any type of back pain with this NeuroMovement® for Healthy Backs Audio Program. This is streaming audio/ MP3 only. No discs.
  • Increase mobility and comfort in your neck and shoulders, and reduce tension and pain while increasing strength and flexibility throughout your body.
  • Increase your spinal mobility; reduce pain, tightness, and discomfort; and reach new levels of well-being in body and mind. These six 30-35 minute NeuroMovement® lessons are safe, easy to do, enjoyable, and transformational. This program is available on 2 DVDs or as Streaming Video which requires high speed internet (1MB/sec or better). Choose your option below, and if you choose the DVDs you can also get the streaming video added on for free.
  • Join the thousands of people who now breathe more freely and are energized and enlivened by taking advantage of the brain's remarkable ability to change for the better.
  • Join the thousands of people who have who have learned how to sit comfortably and pain free by taking advantage of the brain's remarkable ability to change for the better.