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NeuroMovement: Whole Body Fitness •  Better Balance •  Healthy Dynamic Sitting  • Healthy Breathing •  Healthy Backs • Healthy Necks & Shoulders •  Healthy Backs, Scoliosis & Pain Relief •  Breathing, Posture & Pain Relief


Children with Special Needs Exercises Bundle

Get Our Parent and Child with Special Needs 5-Day Workshop
Our Children with Special Needs 2-Day Workshop Video Programs
together at 60% Off the regular price!

In this series of videos, you will witness the amazing transformations that are possible for children with special needs.

You will learn the tools to wake up your child’s brain for potent learning that leads to breakthrough results for your child—physical, cognitive, emotional, and social. These programs include:

  • NeuroMovement® Lessons to reduce your stress and pain, experience firsthand the remarkable potential of your brain for positive change, and how you might bring it to your child
  • Practical tips on how to shift from “fixing” to “connecting”
  • The science behind Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®
  • Brain Plasticity and the 9 Essentials—theory and practice
  • Guidance on how to apply the Essentials with your child
  • Demonstrations on children by Anat Baniel
  • Examples of applications of the Essentials in real life situations
  • Powerful coaching on becoming a leader in your child’s life

The 5-day Workshop is over 23 hours of video (16 DVDs) and the 2-Day Workshop includes 10 hours of video instruction (4 DVDs). Available as streaming video on computer, tablet or smart phone, OR as DVD’s with streaming video access included for free.

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“I think the Anat Baniel Method and Kids Beyond Limits has a great contribution to make to our collective practical efforts to make the best lives possible for children with autism—and other neurodevelopmental disabilities.”

~Dr. Martha Herbert, MD, Neuro-Pediatrician Mass General, PhD, Clinical Psychology, Harvard University, and Author of The Autism Revolution

Experience the power of movement to transform your child’s life for the better

Anat Baniel has developed a method, based on Neuroscience principles, that allows you to connect with your child and wake up her or his brain. If you focus on connecting, on what your child CAN do, and provide the right conditions for new information for your child’s brain, then his or her brain will discover and create remarkable, and sometimes surprising, solutions that are often labeled as miracles.

From the time she began working with children with special needs over 30 years ago, Anat Baniel understood that the opportunity for breakthrough outcomes for the child with special needs lie within the brain. Through years of seemingly “miraculous” outcomes, Anat kept looking to figure out what it is about what she was doing that brought about these remarkable transformations in the children she was working with. “From fixing to connecting” and the 9 Essentials were the answers. Now, she offers you the chance to use this knowledge and create the conditions for powerful transformations in your own child, in your own home!

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Vitality and Anti Aging Bundle

60% Discount On Vitality, Anti-Aging & Well-Being 2 Day Workshop
Neuromovement: Healthy Breathing – 6 NeuroMovement Lessons
NeuroMovement: Better Balance – 6 NeuroMovement Lessons

Experience the immediacy and “magic” of positive brain change through numerous innovative and gentle NeuroMovement lessons, lectures and demonstrations. Give yourself and others the gift of well-being and youthfulness. 

“It is difficult to describe the transformational changes and make them believable. I don't just feel younger, at the age of 65, I easily keep up with my grandchildren. I sit differently at my instrument (the harp), pain free, and I play with greater ease and more enjoyment. Anat's work has changed my life.”

~ Elizabeth E.
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“A bad hip may not be life-threatening but, as I found out in the years leading up to my surgery, it can certainly be life altering. I was given a year’s reprieve (from pain) when I met Anat Baniel, who practices her NeuroMovement approach.”

~Arianna Huffington

Vitality, Anti-Aging and Well-Being Video Lessons
Experience the power of movement to transform your life for the better

Through the NeuroMovement for Vitality, Anti-Aging and Well-Being Program, you will discover the remarkable opportunity we all have, as adults, to be healthier, smarter, more flexible, stronger, have less aches and pains, and have greater joy and well-being. With 11 gentle movement lessons, 8 lectures and demonstrations you’ll experience:

Pain Relief  • Increased speed and fluidly of movement  • Greatly improved balance  • Enhanced mental clarity
• Greater vitality and stamina   • Enhanced awareness

NeuroMovement: Better Balance Video Lessons

Rediscover youthful balance, speed, and safety in movement with our NeuroMovement® Better Balance program.Through the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®, tap into the remarkable ability of your brain to create new patterns and possibilities and reach new levels of well-being and vitality in body and mind.

With this program, your brain will receive the flow of new information it needs to create new connections and be able to swiftly and effectively stop you from falling as you move and enable you to develop better coordinated movement.

The program includes six 30-minute NeuroMovement video lessons.

NeuroMovement: Healthy Breathing Video Lessons

Breathe more freely and become energized and enlivened with NeuroMovement® Healthy Breathing. With this program, you will learn different ways to breathe well. Your brain will learn to organize your movements so that your breathing will happen spontaneously and fully.

Breathing fully and easily will calm you down, give you the energy you need to move, and help you think more clearly and creatively. You will gain the freedom to change how you breathe as you change what you do, what you feel, and what you think; as you increase your level of exertion; and as your emotional state shifts.

The program includes six 30-minute NeuroMovement video lessons.

“After doing the lessons, I feel freed up, I breathe more deeply, the pain in my knee and my fears are gone,
and my gait is significantly improved.”