Expect Your Child to Become a Learner

Any Change Is Important and Miraculous
managing expectations

Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® offers your child a process that provides your child’s brain the opportunity to learn and acquire skills despite her or his challenges. The Practitioners of this Method are not restricted by diagnosis or prognosis.

We know that almost any child can learn and improve.

Expect to see changes in your child begin happening right away. This is when you know that your child’s brain is responding and awakening the process of growth and development.

Changes Happen Over Time

Sometimes parents have the expectation for their child to be “cured” right away. If you have watched any of our videos showing our work with children with special needs, you have seen some miraculous changes. It is important to realize that many of these “miracles” happened over time through a process of many “seemingly small” changes building into exponentially bigger ones.

Every so often, like with baby Devorah, we see a huge shift happening in the child in minutes. View the video of Devorah here.

On the other hand, Elizabeth, who was diagnosed with “global brain damage” and was expected to never walk, talk, or ever become an independent adult, worked with us over a period of 20 years. Through an ongoing process of hundreds, perhaps thousands of changes, all of them miraculous, today Elizabeth is doing all that she was supposed to never be able to do, and more. She has two Masters degrees, is highly intelligent, is married, and runs her own business, leading a very full life. Click here to learn more about Elizabeth.

Any Change Is Important and Miraculous

All children develop through a multitude of changes—changes in their brains and in their brains’ ability to successfully manage their bodies and minds. Children with special needs are no different. They, too, need to go through a multitude of changes to reach the transformations that are easier to recognize, such as walking, talking, etc.

In our work, we guide parents to become astute observers and to understand that ANY CHANGE is important and is miraculous.

The severity of your child’s condition, the age we begin working with your child, and the kind of interventions your child experienced before coming to us will all influence the specific outcomes he or she will get from working with a Practitioner. This will also determine the frequency of lessons your child may need.

Expect Your Child to Change and Learn

When you bring your child to an ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner, you cannot expect a specific outcome at a specific time.

What you can expect is for your child to begin changing practically right away. You can expect us to guide you in seeing the changes and what they mean. You can expect your child to become a learner, and an astute learner over time. You can expect your child to continuously improve how she or he moves, thinks, feels, and interacts with others. You can expect your child to to become more vital and a lot happier.