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Kids Beyond Limits

Anat Baniel’s bestselling book,
Kids Beyond Limits

“Anat’s work with children is magical. She’s their brain whisperer. This hugely important work will free special needs children and their parents from fear and limitation moving them into a world of new possibilities and joy.”

—John Gray, author of Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus


DVD Program: Anat Baniel Method Children with Special Needs DVD, A Workshop for Professionals and Parents

Gentle hands on techniques that will help form new neural patterns that your child is lacking. Effective new ways of interacting with your child that will promote learning. Some of the essentials the brain requires in order to successfully organize your child’s actions – physical, mental, and emotional. Enhance your own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in the process.

There are 3 Transformational Movement lessons(SM); two live demonstrations with an eight week old infant and a 2 year old boy followed by discussion; 4 lectures introducing some of the essentials the brain requires to be able to do its job successfully; two Q&A sessions; one hands-on demo and practice.

DVD Program: Anat Baniel Method for Healthy Backs DVD

Experience lower back pain relief and upper back pain relief with these six 30-40 minute back exercises taught by Anat Baniel. Whether you have occasional pain, stiffness, chronic pain, or you just want your back to become stronger and flexibile, these safe and enjoyable Transformational Movement LessonsSM will provide you with dramatic and immediate results. We recommend all students begin with this program before moving on to other Anat Baniel Method programs.

You also receive 19 Videos!

Scroll down the page to see Anat Baniel explaining the the 9 Essentials for Lifelong Vitality

CLICK HERE to jump down to the Ten Video Movement Lessons.


Move Into Life 9 Essentials Explanation Videos

Essential 1, Movement with Attention, Explanation:

Essential 2, the Learning Switch, Explanation:

Essential 3, Subtlety, Explanation:

Essential 4, Variation, Explanation:

Essential 5, Slow, Explanation:  

Essential 6, Enthusiasm, Explanation:

Essential 7, Flexible Goals, Explanation:

Essential 8, Imagination and Dreams, Explanation:

Essential 9, Awareness , Explanation:


Video Movement Lessons: Do the Exercises from Move Into Life

These deceptively simple exercises have been proven to have results that sometimes border on the miraculous for people! We encourage you to do these exercises while you sit in your chair at the computer. See for yourself if you notice a difference in how you move and how you feel… after spending less than 10 minutes to do any of these exercises.

Video Exercise 1: Movement with Attention (9 minutes)

Video Exercise 2: The Learning Switch (8 minutes)


Essential 3, Subtlety Lesson, Lesson:

Essential 4a, Variation, Lesson:

Essential 4b, Variation, Lesson:

Essential 5, Slow, Lesson:

Essential 6, Enthusiasm, Lesson:

Essential 7, Flexible Goals, Lesson:

Essential 8, Imagination and Dreams, Lesson:

Essential 9, Awareness, Lesson:

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