Story of Jewel – A  Teen with Cerebral Palsy

Ivana Gadient Shares Her Daughter’s Experience with Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) NeuroMovement®

Jewel Gadient was born three months prematurely. She was intubated for 51 days and her start in life was filled with traumatic experiences, blood transfusions, and over 27 medications just in the early weeks of her life. Jewel was not developing as her sisters were and she was eventually given the diagnosis of cerebral palsy with spastic quadriparensis, dystonia, and choreoathetoid movements.

Although I worked hard to nurse Jewel and give her the best therapy, it was just not enough. Ten years of traditional therapy of PT, SLT, OT was just not able to help Jewel make gains.

When Jewel was eleven, I found out that a traveling Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Practitioner was coming to Oahu, HI, so I flew there to try out an intensive and Jewel responded to this NeuroMovement approach, and we never looked back. We went to California to the ABM Center where Jewel whispered, ‘Thank you God,’ after Anat worked on her.

Jewel’s injuries to her brain left her with a lot of pain in her life both day and night, and our nights were filled with tears from her pain, spasticity, and frustration. ABM seemed to help her nervous system enough for her to settle down and her sleep started improving and so did her ability to eat, and learn.

After her intensive in California she stopped fisting. With more lessons, her speech improved as has her vision. Her pain has diminished and the integrity of her skeletal structure has improved and stabilized with continued ABM NeuroMovement lessons. Her brain is changing as is her quality of life, and her ability to keep learning is changing her world. I am very thankful that I found ABM NeuroMovement, even at eleven years.

My wish is for all parents to know about this method and its ability to reach our children. I am very happy that I made the choice to check out ABM NeuroMovement when I did. Jewel keeps learning and growing as her quality of life keeps changing for the better.

—Ivana, Jewel’s Mom 

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