Story of Isaac: A Boy with Asperger’s Syndrome

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

“Isaac is our second child and was very different from our first from the start. When Isaac went to the first grade he was diagnosed as having Asperger Syndrome, Sensory Integration Disorder, and a Visual Disability. He began receiving daily therapies and one on one teaching in school.”

“During this entire time we did private OT, private tutoring in the Slingerland method, went to a reading specialist, a psychiatrist, a visual therapist, tried homeopathic remedies, tried programs for dyslexia like Brightstar, and turned our home into a therapeutic play space with balls of all sizes, textures, and weights, a large outdoor and a smaller indoor trampoline, swings, body sox, etc.”

“We had tried so many things without success when a friend recommended Anat and her work to us….I went to a weekend workshop with Anat and came away with the clear feeling that she could either help Isaac (my hope) or that she would be honest in her evaluation if she could not help him and would not waste our time.”

“Isaac got his first lesson with Anat when he was about to turn eight. The changes in Isaac in the last 6 months since he has been working with Anat are miraculous. He is so much happier in himself!”

“His reading went from 20 words a minute with very poor accuracy on 2nd grade text to 27 words a minute with more than 90% accuracy on 3rd grade text. He has been able to have a sleepover at a friends. We went to the dentist for a check up and made it all the way through the exam and cleaning in one visit.”

“He is making more friends at school. We went to a play and did not have to leave. He is trying things that he never tried before. He picked up a pencil and drew me a picture without being told to, and he can use more than one color on a page now.”

“He laughs, he smiles, he learns with ease. Isaac is now spiraling up instead of spiraling down. We are so, so, deeply grateful to Anat for all of her work.”

“Isaac is a very different little boy today than he was 6 months ago and I know that the work that he did with Anat was the real turning point for him.”

—Isaac’s Parents