Inspirational Group at New Anat Baniel Method® International Training

Anat Baniel leads Professional Training

We recently returned from the first segment of our new blended Anat Baniel Method® International (ABMI) Training. We were all amazed and inspired by the remarkable quality of the people in the group—their dedication, their openness, the depth of their interest in the materials, and the intensity of their learning. And they are fun, too!

Many are parents to children with special needs; others are interested in working with the adult population, those with difficulties like stroke or other illnesses; and there are also people who want to work with athletes and other high performers.

We, the ABMI faculty and support staff, are deeply grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this group.

Here is a sampling of what the students wrote at the end of the segment:

The segment was transforming and I know it is only the start.

Overwhelming! Joyous! Discovering…It was inspiring to learn that everything is moving in my body and to meet myself without judgment. And to have ‘wonder’ as a foundation of learning and life.

I see Anat in a universe of chaos making order from disformity. I’m humbled by her courage to be completely herself and am grateful to have an opportunity to learn from her and to love her.

This segment was wonderful. It has opened my eyes to a whole different way I can provide OT (occupational therapy) to kids and adults, and has convinced me that there is so much more that can be done to help people.

Deb showed me how to be gentle and subtle. The movements are so subtle yet so impactful to the brain.

This segment has been wonderful. Things are starting to click and make sense. I just love that. It has been such a learning experience and a little emotional, as well.

Marcy gives comfort, her spirit with sparks of humor feels like a rock, like a foundation, and she opens your heart for love.

The training was awesome. Anat is amazing, such a wise, loveable delight. I learned so much. The movement lessons are so stunning and masterful.

Support staff is just wonderful, very helpful and inviting.

Lara did my FS (functional synthesis movement lesson) and I was very pleased. She always provides help when needed and explains things well.

This segment was truly eye-opening and life-changing in so many ways. The pace of learning was perfect, and I never felt like I needed anything because it was all provided before I could even feel like something was missing. I feel that I have transformed most physically and cognitively, and I am working on transforming emotionally….

Anat Baniel Method International Professional Training

The training is awesome. Aside from gaining information, I had no expectations coming into the training. I’m amazed how tired I am some days and energized others. I love the TML’s (transformational movement lessons), although I find some very frustrating. I love listening to Anat sharing information and I am learning to love working on other people.

The way Deb works on people and her demonstrations appear effortless. I hope to have the skills she displays, and Deb makes me feel that it is possible for me.

Marcy gives the perfect tips and comments at the perfect time in a way that sticks to my brain. With Anat, I just try to hang onto every word she says. If I happen to have a question, I wait because Anat provides the answer in a way I would not even known to ask.

Everyone on support staff is 100% dedicated to making sure we have what we need and that our experience here is positive in every way. And it has been beyond all expectations.

Anat is very loving and her presence inspires, encourages. She is a great model of how one might begin to focus towards becoming. Lots of wisdom and fun, too….Most amazing is the work she has accomplished and now shares so generously with us.

Sharon has been very helpful. She is a wonderful teacher.

Support staff has been awesome! Thank you for everything you do!

I LOVE MARCY!!! She is so funny, succinct, and practical. She presents amazingly useful tidbits in the most delightful way.

Neil has been so helpful during practice times and he has cool shares.

This segment has been very powerful for me. Not only have I learned a great deal, but I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with and meet many extraordinary people.

Michelle’s own life is an example to why I am here in this training. I feel that her passion alone has the power to move people and I think she is a great teacher.

Everything is done like magic.

ABMI Professional Training

The segment was amazing. I came with no expectations. I tried to be a sponge and tried to soak all of the experiences in…I am so blessed to be here…

Anat – Soul

Marcy – Beauty

Deb – Light

Sharon – Happiness

Neil – Tall

Michelle – Butterfly

Lara – Loveliness

Support Staff – Helpful & Informative

Thank you all for your comments and for making this an extraordinary training!

Anat Baniel, Marcy Lindheimer, Deb Loest Deppe, Sharon Tomsky, Neil Sharp, Michelle Vine, Lara Gillease, and ABMI Support Staff

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