An Inspirational Graduation: Our 2015 ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner Training Group

Video: Our Graduates Share Their Personal and Professional Transformations

ABM Practitioner 2015 Graduates
Our current ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner Training Group graduated on June 22, 2015.

This incredible group of people are now joining their ABM colleagues in taking this work to the world to help other people gain the same benefits that they have, AND MORE. (NOTE: Click on the photos to enlarge the images.)

The graduation was a moving and memorable event.
ABM graduates celebrate
And the party afterwards rocked!

The love and camaraderie among the graduates, the teachers, and the staff was, and continues to be, one of the best parts of the training.

We videotaped some of the graduates talking about what they gained from this practitioner program. The short video clip below is truly inspiring.

Listen to what these amazing people said.

Below is a sampling of what our graduates said about their training experience.

I am not afraid of making mistakes anymore.

I have found my purpose, my calling in life.

ABM Training Graduation 2015I’ve learned to be authentic—I believe in myself.

I experienced a real shift from fixing to connecting.

I started waking up; I can see things through the eyes of my son now.

I get this amazing career, and it’s looking better and better every day!

I’ve found a way to live life! [with the 9 Essentials]

I’ve learned to be more accepting of myself, of my family, and others.

I’ve reconnected to myself and am happy with where I am.

I’m becoming the person that God intended me to become.

I’m living my dream and it feels wonderful.

Anat Baniel, ABM Trainers, and ABM GraduateLife is GRAND and I’m ready for the Children’s [Continuing Education Mastery Workshops].

I’ve found happiness and freedom from limitations; life seems limitless!

I see how to make the impossible possible; this is life-changing for all of us in my family.

I look forward to bringing this forward in the world: the promise of change and hope and possibility.

Even at my age, I am getting better and better, and my trajectory is going up, up, up.

More photos and testimonials to come….

Congratulations, graduates!! I am thrilled that you have chosen this work to carry out into the world. The children and adults whose lives you will touch will experience firsthand the extraordinary power of the brain to make positive change in their lives!! I look forward to hearing about your experiences in the field.

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Best wishes to you all!

Anat Baniel