How to Help Children with Autism

A Breakthrough Approach with Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement®

We see autism as a disruption in the brain’s ability to perceive differences, which disrupts the brain’s ability to differentiate, i.e., create new connections in the brain that would lead to integration of new skills and a healthy process of development.

The brain of the child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is challenged in its ability to perceive differences.

Our focus is in improving the underlying functioning of the brain as a whole. We look to connect with your child where he or she is. We use NeuroMovement and the Nine Essentials to get the brain to do its job better. We avoid drilling and lots of repetitions because we know that the brain learns its experience, including its limitations. We look for differentiation and change.

Just like with a healthy typically developing child, the process is that differentiation and integration begets more differentiation and integration. No one expects a three-month-old baby to speak. However, if that child is not babbling, it’s very likely the child will exhibit difficulties with speech later on.

We can’t tell in advance how far your child will go. What we can do, is seek to have your child grow and improve, then grow and improve some more, and then some more, just like a typically developing child.

As long as there is movement—a process of improvement—there is no limit to what is possible.

Interview with Anat Baniel on The Autism Intensive: Unlocking Brain Plasticity through Movement

This video interview features Anat Baniel presenting the topic: Unlocking Brain Plasticity through Movement on The Autism Intensive 2016 – Revealing the Latest Science About Autism Spectrum Disorders, including ADHD.

The Autism Intensive featured interviews with over 35 functional medicine visionaries. Speakers included Dr. Martha Herbert, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Norm Schwartz, and many others. They discussed cutting-edge science around food and diet, the immune system, brain plasticity, and specifically how children on the autism spectrum are affected.