So simple, so elegant, yet so massively effective.
The quick transformations never cease to amaze me.

~ Adiel Gorel, CEO

I feel more ease in my whole being. I feel kinder to myself and to all beings.

~Vanessa Blumberg, Occupational Therapist

Until not too long ago the consensus, both in the scientific community and by popular belief, was that past the initial years of life the brain can only lose cells and connections, and that as people progress in years, the only way is down. Everyone thus expected to lose mobility in their body, experience increasing aches and pains, and have their minds become duller. Now we know that the brain can change itself and form new connections and patterns throughout life. And when it does, research shows that common symptoms of aging and deterioration due to the normal stresses of life are reversed. We are infused with energy, creativity, a sense of well-being, profound vitality and joy. But this does not happen by itself. So how do we do it? How do we wake up our brains to grow and change in positive ways?

One common suggestion is: keep “using it” or, as is popularly expressed: “Use it or lose it.” This is very true, yet there is more to it. If we just keep using what we already know, we actually deepen our existing brain patterns; our habits get more deeply ingrained. We become more automatic in our actions and actually move further away from creating new connections and patterns.

For the new to occur we need to find ways to flood our brains with new information, waking it up to create real learning and change in how we move, think, feel, and relate. And that is where the Anat Baniel Method and the Nine Essentials of the method come in. Movement with Attention, Variation, Slow, Subtlety, as well as the remaining five Essentials, each wake up the brain and provide the conditions for the brain to generate new information, differentiate and integrate new patterns that lead to new solutions and new possibilities.

With these Nine Essentials you not only know in theory that the brain can change for the better, but you have concrete, easy to use tools validated by recent brain research, that you can implement in your daily life. You can begin experiencing, in the here and now, the enormous power of your brain to help you overcome limitation and suffering and empower you to live your life with joy, more successfully fulfilling your dreams.