I keep learning; learning to be more effective, direct, and successful. Each segment is full of experiences, inspirations, and understanding of how to be the best that I can be.

~Kay P., Teacher

My life is changing for the better in every aspect.

~Ineke N., Physical Therapist

I’m experiencing emotional and physical changes big time…feeling like a new world has opened up to me.

~Alice L., Pediatric Occupational Therapist

This week’s training segment was amazing. The work is truly cutting edge, important and something that needs to grow.

~Scott Y., MD

I’m enjoying this training more than I can express. I continue to be moved and find your classes amazing. My life is already changing in ways I would never have expected. I can’t wait for our next segment to begin!

~Barry N., Webmaster

Anat, I wanted to thank you for some of the things that you have given me: I am learning to look within and to not compare myself to others; I am learning to be gentle with myself and to not push so hard in life as well as in lessons; I have recognized some moments of creation and it has been a truly wondrous experience; I am making some great friends among fellow students and the teachers who I know will be in my flock for many years to come; I feel like someone has put an oil can up to my joints and lubricated them. Stiffness is steadily leaving my body. I feel great; When you teach you very often give the impression of a child who has a lot of exciting stuff to tell and can hardly wait to get it all out. Your enthusiasm is infectious; I am excited about the future and not worried anymore; I am more connected with myself. I have a greater sense of responsibility and control. Things are in my hands and not in the hands of others; I am on a voyage of self-discovery; I am reveling in my newfound knowledge and excited about the knowledge that is yet to come; I feel bigger and stronger but more soft and flexible. Thank you for all of these things. I am so very grateful.

~John R., Engineer

Marcy, that was an absolutely awesome segment. The FSs you taught as TMLs were brilliant! The sitting lessons will really help me work with my adult clients this month. I can feel I’m improving under your tutelage. Hallelujah! 🙂 Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to study with you!

~Joanna C., Feldenkrais Practitioner

I’m including what I’m learning in the Anat Baniel Method training with my osteopathy clients and people feel better more quickly.

~Juan C., Osteopath

Thanks for building a support staff and assistants program that continues to up the level of our growth. Every lesson and lecture you give is so full of gems. When will I ever cease to be awed. 🙂

~Josephine L., Feldenkrais Practitioner

I feel more empowered and ready to increase my work with kids and definitely will be able to use all that I’m learning in the children mastery training in my work with children, can’t wait to get back to them. I felt in a constant consistent state of transformation.

~Peggy C., Homeopath

This segment really clicked for me. Since I’ve been home, I worked with my niece, who had a car bump her knee which was still bothering her. She is now pain free. I am giving a half-day in-service on the ABM to my department of OT’s and PT’s. I get excited every time I even begin speaking of this method.

~Patti V., Occupational Therapist

The training has made my work as an OT more effective. I am having fun at work.

~Loann Do, Occupational Therapist

The 90 day training program was brilliantly designed for the maximum learning experience… Not only do I now have a practical way to assist others to better the quality of their lives, I feel as creative as I can imagine in my life. I thank Anat sincerely for that.

~Geewon Kim, Artist

I have loved every moment of the training. It has opened up a whole new universe for me.

~Sharon Tomsky, Occupational Therapist

Anat, Just a quick note to say that my work is transforming from ordinary to extraordinary right before my eyes. My clients are excited about what they are LEARNING. The children are rolling over and crawling and coming up to sit, the musicians are making changes, and the elderly are so vibrant and happy about being able to move with more ease. YEA. I feel good; my ribs and back are moving as never before and I am happy to go to work. For generating all of this… I thank you.

~Judith D., Feldenkrais Practitioner

Working with a child during the practicum was an incredible experience and gave me more confidence in working with other children. I’m so grateful to have had that challenge and to have overcome it with such great pleasure.

~Matthew J., Business Owner

This training has dramatically expanded my concept of what is humanly possible to achieve. To feel childlike wonder at my own abilities and to watch those moments happen for clients is a joy more wonderful than words can express.

~Elyse L., Physical Therapist

Testimonials about the ABM Trainers

Anat did a 10 minute demo with me. My Learning Switch got turned on, I was awakened in a way that I had never experienced.

~Jenna S., Teacher

Carla did everything perfectly in our FS lesson. As we progressed through the lesson, it was like a beacon of light clearly signaling me the parts I could free up and use to get up, sit down and move. Wow.

~Pam Y.,

The process Sylvia took us through was very deep and calming. It allowed the lesson to penetrate on a very deep level.

~Ilan A., Real Estate Professional

Suzi is personable, professional, intelligent, articulate. What a gem and a warehouse of knowledge.

~Kyra N., Reading Specialist

Marcy is able to make the complex intelligible and learning a real pleasure.

~Deidre P., English Literature Professor

Anat is so clear and direct and I LOVE that. I’ve experienced so much mystery, and even direct instruction not to “give away the lesson.” Anat seems to be teaching in a way that shouts out the lesson directly and clearly! It’s so refreshing. Why not bring everyone along, as fast and as far as they can go comfortably, while creating a conscious environment for each to learn and evolve at their own rate. So excited to find time each day to settle in and watch and participate through the DVDs.

~Joanna C., Feldenkrais Practitioner

Anat is very available, a great communicator and brilliant.

~Dan R., Structural Integration Practitioner

I love Carla’s way of describing things, techniques and explanations.

~Oliver B., Marketing Professional

Marcy is fabulous. Love the way she describes how to do FS work. Very Kind, clear, gentle – her experience shines through in simple, easy to grasp manner.

~Leslie M, Accountant

Anat has to be experienced to be believed. She makes me aware on so many levels – with meaningful stories, vivid images from her words. The pace is enriched with humor, sympathy, delight, calling a spade a spade!

~Faith E., Teacher

Sylvia is attentive, articulate, gentle, patient and intelligent.

~Kyra N., Reading Specialist

Suzi helped with the chronic tension in my jaw as well as showed me a new way to stand and hold my body, all in 30 minutes!

~Leslie M., Accountant

I love Marcy’s humble but masterful way of teaching.

~ Barbara H., Feldenkrais Practitioner

Anat is a genius! She totally connects with us and we were amazed at how much we learned.

~ Pam Y., Avian Conservation Consultant

NOTE: Many of the people quoted above are by now practicing Anat Baniel Method Practitioners. The quotes are from when they were attending a training program and their profession at the time is indicated.