ANSWER UPDATED December 2017:

This is a question that we are often asked. Depending on your interest area, there are four different ABM NeuroMovement® tracks to choose from:

A. Enhanced Fitness & Performance

B. Pain Relief

C. Vitality & Anti-Aging

D. Children with Special Needs

You will have an incredibly powerful process of learning and transformation in all aspects of yourself, when following the complete program for the specific area you are interested in.

Click here to see the complete programs recommended for each track.

View descriptions of all these ABM NeuroMovement DVDs, and video and audio online programs here.

Finally, for those of you who are interested and able, and have an ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner in your area, you may want to take some private lessons. You can search for a Practitioner here:

We encourage you to be alert and observe changes that you notice including those you did not expect. And, of course, we would love to hear all about it, so please share your results with us. Join us on Facebook and let us know how the program is working for you!


NeuroMovement takes advantage of the amazing powers of the brain to change for the better through movement, combined with the 9 Essentials. Learn More.

The 9 Essentials offer you concrete and immediate ways to easily tap into your brain’s enormous potential. Learn More.

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You can experience and benefit from this Method by doing one of our ABM NeuroMovement® DVD, CD, and Online Programs. View our products.

A powerful way to be introduced to this Method is through private sessions with a certified Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioner. Find a Practitioner.