We have received many requests to translate Kid Beyond Limits and Move Into Life. And some of you have identified possible translators.

However, the translation process needs to go via the publishers of Anat’s books.

The process to have either Kids Beyond Limits or Move Into Life translated into any language is as follows:

  • You need to find a local publisher that is interested in translating either or both of the books.
  • This local publisher needs to contact the people below.

Kids Beyond Limits – Marian Lizzi at Perigree/Penguin Books, via email: marian.lizzi@us.penguingroup.com or phone 212-366-2567

Move Into Life – Lance Fitzgerald at Penguin House and Random House, via email: lfitzgerald@penguinrandomhouse.com or phone 221-572-2060

Thank you so much for your interest! Anat is deeply grateful for your love, support, and desire to bring this work to your communities.

Translations for Anat Baniel’s Books

There is a Spanish version of Move Into Life listed on Amazon at the link below.


There is a Turkish version of Kids Beyond Limits listed on Amazon at the link below.

Sinirini Asan Cocuklar-Turkish-Anat-Baniel

Note: Kids Beyond Limits has also been translated into Russian.


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