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Join Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp at 1440 Multiversity: NeuroMovement®: Wake Up Your Brain and Bodymind for Fitness and Well-Being at Any Age

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NeuroMovement®: Wake Up Your Brain and Bodymind for Fitness and Well-Being at Any Age Program Description

NeuroMovement® is a cutting-edge, science-based approach to learning and healing that uses the brain’s natural ability to change itself for the better.

From our earliest movements and experiences, our brain forms neural patterns (habits) that are expressed as thoughts, feelings, and actions. Many of these habits prevent us from reaching our mental and physical potential.

The good news is we can use neuroplasticity—the fact the brain can develop new neural pathways at any age—to dramatically transform limitations into mental and physical capabilities, rid us of aches and pains, and get us to much higher levels of performance and quality of life.

Guided by NeuroMovement creator Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp, you will learn the Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality® in easy, pleasurable, fun, and safe movement lessons tailored to specific parts of the body that provide your brain with new information for greater flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. As you map the range of movement of each area more fully to the brain, you wake up your brain to new ways of being, quickly improving existing skills and mastering new ones.

All levels and ages are welcome. You will leave with effective, practical and easy to use tools to continue to enhance and transform your life, experience growing joy, and thrive.

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  • If you’re looking to regain greater mobility and strength, if you desire to reach new levels of performance, if you want to overcome an injury, or if you have a child with special needs, this mindful approach to transformation has proven results.
  • Develop mental clarity, creativity, and a sense of new possibilities for your life by waking up the brain and helping it become open to taking in new information just as you did in your formative years.
  • Become inspired to live life more fully through playful, simple movements to release unnecessary limitations that imprison the Bodymind.

Daily Schedule and Times To Be Announced