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Your Thriving Family Summit


All 21 interviews are available until 7 pm PDT/10 pm EDT on Wednesday, the 21st August (3 am London time on 22nd August).

Beginning Monday, July 29 – View an interview each day, featuring over 20 experts discussing how to lay a strong foundation for a connected, joyful, and healthy family!

You are blessed with the power of creating the next generation’s future when you have a family. On the other hand, this is a HUGE responsibility which can sometimes feel heavy, difficult, and lonely. There may be days you want extra support and advice…

This is why Evrim Numanoglu Ozgen, the host, created this event. She shares:

“I will never forget the moment that I felt my family was falling apart and my son was likely to be ill for the rest of his life because of the toxic feelings and patterns my husband and I were passing to him.”

“I was lonely, unhappy, resentful, and anxious. I reached out to friends with the hope of finding someone who could help me. And the answers came in the form of a book, a dinner conversation, and a text message!”

“Since then, we released many limiting patterns and emotions and created such a loving, joyful, and connected family from that space of unhappiness. My mission is to help other families to live with connection, joy, and health and experience every moment of life with gratitude.”


Listen to the REPLAY of Anat Baniel on Your Thriving Family Summit

Anat will be discussing NeuroMovement, which unlocks the power of your brain to release your limitations and to create fulfillment in your family life.

Anat Baniel on Your Thriving Family

Your Thriving Family Online Summit Details:

    • Begins Monday, July 29, and runs for 3 weeks. This is a FREE event!
    • 1 interview will be released each day: 5 am Pacific, 8 am Eastern, and 1 pm London, UK time.
    • You will have access to the interviews for 48 hours after their release date.

Join this online interview series and get access to all interviews and bonuses, which are F.R.E.E. for a limited time!

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August 19, 2019 @ 5:00 am
August 21, 2019 @ 7:00 pm