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Movement & Cognition

International Conference

Harvard Medical School

July 27-29, 2018

Anat Baniel and Dr. Neil Sharp will be presenting:

“Positive Neuroplasticity Through Movement: Demonstration of Anat Baniel Method®Neuromovement®”

“The Noisy Brain: Autism Spectrum Disorder Understood as a Disorder of Neuro-Movement Underlying Cognitive, Behavioral, and Social Challenges”

Among the Conference Topics:

Evolution of Movement as the Basis of Cognition

Cognitive-Motor Interactions in Human Development

Genetics/Omics (genomics etc.) in Movement and Cognition

Motor-Cognitive Interactions in Rehabilitation Science

Instrumentation and Technology in Movement-Cognitive Interaction and Measurement

Environmental Influences on Cognitive Motor Function

Motor learning and brain region reorganization,

Motor-Cognitive Interaction in Sport

Movement in Social Engagement

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