How to Promote Child Development
Using a NeuroMovement Approach

The spontaneous growth and development of healthy children is miraculous. As a parent you may be asking yourself how to promote child development in ways that are safe and empowering for your child. You may be feeling overwhelmed with all the different products that promise to accelerate your child’s development and the contradictory advice you are getting.

The Nine Essentials from the NeuroMovement approach of the Anat Baniel Method do not advocate trying to accelerate the achievement of developmental milestones. Instead they describe easy-to-use tools for daily life that will awaken your child’s brain to become the powerful learner it is designed to be. The Nine Essentials help you choose kinds of developmental activities that are in harmony with how a child’s brain develops. You get to honor and enjoy where your child is at present while supporting the brain’s incredible potential for learning and growth.



Kids Beyond Limits brings great hope for children with special needs. This wonderful book illustrates how to engage the miraculous capacities of the brain to change and heal. The stories will inspire you and the techniques will bring new possibilities to your child’s life and future.

~Harvey Karp, MD, FAAP, Creator of the DVD/book The Happiest Toddler on the Block

Anat’s work is wonderful and profound. Kids Beyond Limits does a masterful job of providing help for parents and caregivers help the special child in their lives. This is a book of great wisdom as well as deep appreciation for the great challenges of raising a child who has special needs.

~Jack Canfield, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles