Anat Baniel Method Practitioners welcome and support interventions and activities for children with special needs that are in accord with our understanding of how brain development occurs, supported by the most current brain research.

We strongly advise parents to first and foremost make sure that a physician attends to their child if the child is ill and insist that medical diagnosis is done by a medical practitioner.

Interventions & Activities for Children With Special Needs That We Recommend

We work on updating our list of recommendations, as we learn of other effective interventions that support the child’s growth.

We have found the following to be useful for the children we work with:

  • Nutritional guidance
  • Environmental/Allergy testing
  • Homeopathy
  • Acupuncture
  • Equine therapy (once the child can sit up on her/his own)
  • Developmental optometry
  • Orthopedic surgeries when done from a functional/brain plasticity perspective
  • A variety of activities that the child wants to do and enjoys such as dancing and music
  • Approaches and activities that support connection with the child, acceptance, and love

We Work Together with Parents and Their Children

With the Anat Baniel Method℠, we like to work with the parents as a team. We see the parent and child as one system, where the child gradually grows to become an independent being. We feel that the parent’s well-being, leadership skills, and parenting skills are central to their child’s progress. What is often overlooked is that when a child is traumatized, so is their parent. The parents need support and to grow and evolve themselves to best serve their child.

For parents, we may recommend the following: