If you are a parent of a child with special needs you are a very special parent. At the Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Center, we are all in awe of your dedication and are inspired by your courage.

Beyond the enormous task of raising any child, you are called to be your child’s advocate and champion, seeking the best ways to help her or him develop and thrive. There are dozen of options from which to choose, from traditional therapies often paid for by the state, to a variety of methods, approaches, and interventions all promising to be helpful.

How Can You Decide What Is Best for Your Child?

The rule of thumb is to go with what makes sense to you and feels right for your child.

From the perspective of ABM NeuroMovement®, any intervention that, in effect, follows the tenets of the Nine Essentials, can enhance your child’s brain and its ability to learn and progress.

We strongly advise parents to closely observe their child’s response to the intervention he or she receives.

If your child feels safe, is happy, and excited about participation, at least most of the time, and is showing real progress, in movement, cognitive, emotional, and/or interpersonal capabilities, this is clearly a path to follow.

If your child is unhappy, not participating, is uncomfortable, or not progressing, seek an alternative.