Story of Morgan: A Girl with Cerebral Palsy and Microcephaly

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

My daughter, Morgan, was 4 years old when we started seeing Jon for ABM [NeuroMovement]. I was made aware of this method from another parent in a mutual support group. At that time, Morgan was crawling, pulling to stand, knee walking, and occasionally cruising. She had very little balance and would often fall backward. Eye contact and focus were very limited. She had a very frantic demeanor and bounced on her knees frequently. Her head tilted to the left. She had defensiveness in the hands and would not allow hand over hand activity. She would use her hands as clubs.

We had used traditional PT and OT since the age of 7 months. After Morgan’s first appointment with Jon, she started using her fingertips to activate buttons on toys.

After approximately 6 months of ABM [NeuroMovement], we have achieved much success:

  • She has a very soft and controlled reach/touch, and her hand skills continue to improve.
  • Her eye contact and focus have improved dramatically. Overall, she is much calmer.
  • Her head tilt has decreased significantly.
  • She has begun to climb stairs and use stools for climbing.
  • Her balance has improved dramatically. She is spending more time unsupported on her feet. When she starts to fall, she can self correct and takes several backward steps and pivots to regain balance.
  • For the first time (yesterday), she took 8 consecutive forward steps. She was very controlled and purposeful when she did this.
  • She is starting to make new sounds and sometimes shakes her head yes and no.

Morgan’s hand use improved more in 1 ABM session than it had in 4 years of OT. 

Improvements have been steady throughout 6 months of visits.  Jon has a real knack for working with children, and I would recommend Jon and the ABM approach to any parent.

—Kris, Morgan’s Mom

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