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NeuroMovement® – The Way to a Powerful, Vibrant, Intelligent, & Flexible Body and Mind With the founder of Anat Baniel Method™ and NeuroMovement®

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The Anat Baniel Method™ and NeuroMovement® programs take advantage of the brain’s remarkable capacity to change and transform limitations & pain into ever increasing strength, flexibility, well-being and intelligence of body and mind. NeuroMovement® and the Nine Essentials of the Anat Baniel Method are validated by contemporary neuroscience.

Each workshop, through transformational movement lessons®, lectures, hands-on practice, demonstrations, and Q&A, unleash the hidden potential of every brain for quantum change. The brain is the CEO of our body. It is a remarkable system – the largest and most complex in the universe. The brain organizes our thoughts, our movements, our intentions, our feelings, and our experience of life!


New Fitness 2 Day NeuroMovement Workshop Video
(10 hours of video, retail price: $109.95)

Do you want to be fit, strong, flexible, full of vitality & energy and have a life filled with possibilities? Most everyone does. Yet the path to fitness is filled with myths that often lead to unnecessary injuries that can limit and even stop us altogether. Much of fitness training is focused on muscles, repetition, trying harder and harder and on continuing to practice through injury and pain. In our attempts to be fit and well what is often left out is THE BRAIN.

With billions of cells and trillions of connections between cells, this remarkable organ organizes itself into patterns that form all of our movements, thoughts, feelings, emotions and all of our actions. How flexible we are, how strong we are, and how fit we are has a lot more to do with how we use our brain than the muscles and bones themselves.

Greater fitness, vitality and well-being are in everyone’s reach. Any change in our fitness level is preceded by a positive change in our brain. For the brain to figure out the best, most harmonious way to perform any movement, it needs lots and lots of new information. How can we provide the brain with such information?

That is what NeuroMovement® and the Nine Essentials of the Anat Baniel Method do! We provide the conditions that flood the brain with the new information it needs to successfully create new powerful and effective patterns of action. Whether you’re already a world-class athlete, or a beginner on the path to greater fitness; whether you feel vital and fully, in life, or not, your brain is always at the ready to make you more flexible and powerful, experience greater vitality and well-being and create a more satisfying life.

How come so many people want to increase their fitness level and give up? With NeuroMovement® we understand this is not because something is wrong with millions of people, but because millions of people go about trying to improve their fitness level in ways that don’t work as well as they could and at times cause injury and pain.

What you get:
7 – Transformation Movement Lessons
1 – Introduction
7 – Bonus Tracks
4 – Lectures/Q&A (related to the workshop topic)
2 – Hands-on practices (related to the movement lessons)
Total of 10 hours of instruction!

Healthy Necks and Shoulders 3-Day Workshop
(10 Hours of video, retail price: $109.95)

healthy necks and shoulders video programAnyone who ever experienced neck pain (or any kind of pain in their body, and who hasn’t?), knows that when there is pain, the vitality and well-being of body and mind diminishes. For most people, their pelvis, back, spine, shoulders and neck are only partially mapped in their brains. As a result, the brain cannot organize the movements of the neck and shoulders well enough, causing most people to experience reduced flexibility and strength and even pain – from occasional to chronic. Anyone who’s experienced neck and shoulder pain knows how debilitating it is; how it stops life and dull our energy and our ability to perform.

When there’s limitation or pain in the neck and shoulders or anywhere else, the brain’s attention is on seeking comfort and safety. Pain & limitation are our brain’s way of telling us that how we are doing what we are doing is harming us. It’s the brain’s way of telling us: “STOP! You need to discover a better way of moving, of thinking, of doing what you are doing.” And who better can change our hurtful habits, or help us recover from injury, than the CEO of our body – the brain, provided it gets the real information it needs. That is, what Anat Baniel Method™ and NeuroMovement® and this workshop do. Experience the joy of having the intelligent, vibrant body you are built to have.

What you get:
1 – Introduction
9 – Transformational Movement Lessons
9 – Lectures/Q&A (related to the workshop topic)
Demonstrations, Q&A, Comments
Total of 13+ hours of instruction!

9 Essentials Video Lessons
(1.25 Hours of video, retail value $29.95)

Find out how to wake up your brain to immediately being creating new connections and positive change in your movement, thinking, feeling, and well-being. In just a few minutes, you will get a sense of each Essential and how to apply it in your daily life. Help yourself and your kids have a stronger and better brain. With a stronger and better brain, you and your kids will thrive. Each Essential is credited by centers of neuroscience and research and supported by authorities in fields of neuroscience, such as Dr. Michael Merzenich, father of brain plasticity, and Dr. Norman Doidge, author of The Brain that Changes Itself. What you get is Anat explaining each of the 9 Essentials, each approximately 2 minutes, and 10 transformational NeuroMovement lessons from Anat Baniel’s book Move Into Life. Please Note that this is NOT the 2 day workshop DVD. This is the explanation and exercises which explain the “9 essentials” which are the core of the Move Into Life book.

One Student’s Story:

“This method has dramatically expanded my concept of what is humanly possible to achieve. To feel childlike wonder at my own abilities and to watch those moments happen for clients is a joy more wonderful than words can express.”

~Elyse L. Physical Therapist



New Fitness (2 Day Workshop, 10 Hours) $109.95
Healthy Necks & Shoulders (2 Day Workshop, 10 Hours) $109.95
Move Into Life 9 Essentials Info & Exercises $29.95
Total Current Prices: $250

You get all of these programs for only $97 for 1 year Streaming video access on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

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