A Boy with Attention Issues and Sensory Processing Challenges

NeuroMovement® Testimonial

Verena is a wonderful, open hearted Anat Baniel Method [NeuroMovement Practitioner] therapist. She struck an immediate rapport with my 4 and a half year old son who is overcoming attention issues and sensory processing challenges. It is amazing how she works and the level of attention, patience and care she offers.

I have learned so much from her, just through observation, that I find myself incorporating what she does in how I am working with my two children. This work is actually informing how I am parenting now and how much focused attention I give to my family and to myself.

What really blew my mind is that after working with Verena just a few times, my son sat for 5 minutes and completed a worksheet by himself with little prompting. I simply told him to do the sheet and walked to the kitchen to check on dinner. He was quiet (which is rare because he rambles and has to constantly be moving), so I didn’t rush back right away. When I returned he not only had finished the sheet correctly but had read and finished the next page as well.

We knew he could read words but not until this time has he read something and then followed the instruction without having it repeatedly explained to him. This was a major breakthrough for him because he was never able to sit that long unsupervised and certainly not finish 2 worksheets correctly. I was blown away.

I highly recommend Verena as a practitioner of the Anat Baniel Method [NeuroMovement]. It is a powerful holistic, inspired method that really connects us as parents to our children and their needs, and helps us in supporting them to their highest mental and physical potential.

I feel very blessed to have discovered this method and to have the opportunity to work with Verena.

—Nikia, Parent

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Verena Kurz is a Certified ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioner in Brooklyn, NY. You can contact Verena at vera9nyc@yahoo.com or call 347-523-0518.