Anat Baniel Teaches Practitioners to Work with High Performers

Advanced NeuroMovement® Lessons for High Performance Adults

neuromovement lessons for high performersOur 3-day, in-person segment for the final part of the High Performers Continuing Education Mastery program was absolutely awesome!

It was such an amazing experience to work with ABM NeuroMovement® Practitioners who are so advanced in their own training and who are doing this work out in the world.

It was definitely challenging for me because I had to invent this next level of training. And the NeuroMovement® lessons I created and did with these practitioners were definitely challenging for them.

The program was videotaped professionally and after editing, we anticipate that we will make this video available to high performers in the general public.

Anat Baniel in High Performers workshopThis video program will be for people such as athletes, yogis, dancers, and other people who are in good shape, well-trained, and want to increase their own performance, prevent injury, and/or overcome previous injuries.

This is so exciting because I have wanted to record a program like this for over 15 years now!

We could do it with this group of people, because of how advanced they were, in terms of doing this work and these difficult lessons.

Thank you to all who participated!
ABM Practitioners train to work with High Performers

Please stay tuned…when the video is ready, we will let you know.

Learn more about how Anat Baniel Method NeuroMovement can help High Performers reach new levels of performance!

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Anat Baniel