Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Changes Your Life!

A shiny new group of folks recently finished up their first segment of our Anat Baniel Method® Practitioner Training Program. We hope to post some photos soon.

It was an amazing training! I was so inspired by people’s stories and so proud of everyone and their achievements.

And, I feel honored to be working with you all!!

People in the training experience profound changes on all levels – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and this session was no different. Our ABM Practitioner Training changes your life, often in ways that you may not have ever imagined.

Following is an excerpt from a blog post that one of our participants, Shana Jones, wrote after completing the first part of this training:

Yesterday, I was in San Rafael California, in a movement lesson with Anat Baniel. Today, I am back home in Katy, Texas. The past ten days have been immensely rejuvenating, eye-opening, and powerful….

Anat told us to go home and use the Nine Essentials with our children, and in our everyday lives.

I have to say, today was fulfilling. I braced myself for the transition back to continual multitasking, or what I like to call, air traffic controller mode. Essential 5, Slow, has been my best friend lately. Even though at times today I felt like I was holding the line up at the grocery store, or making people wait longer for a response from me, it was empowering.

Instead of hustling all over the place and feeling overwhelmed, I was able to enjoy what I was doing, and seeing the boys so happy amplified this feeling of calm. I could stop and recognize when their learning switches were turned on. I slowed down during David’s daily activities like feeding and changing and in turn, he smiled more today than I think I’ve seen him smile any other day.

When I was holding him, I leaned his head forward, and realized that I always position his arm the same way during a feeding. This time, I gently, and attentively, moved that arm closer to his body and at a different angle. He reacted immediately with a smile, and an “a-ha!” expression. Let me put this into context. Before today, smiles happened occasionally and unexpectedly. Today I really appreciate just how miraculous each smile is even more.

Read Shana’s entire blog post here: Back Home on the Bayou.

An ABM NeuroMovement Practitioner’s Experience

Our Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® Practitioners do extraordinary work and often get transformational results! The following message is from a recent graduate and is a great example of the kinds of outcomes that people get with this Method:

Most of you don’t know me, but I graduated this past April! I just wanted to share an experience I had with you. My grandpa had a stroke 3 months ago and he couldn’t move his right side at all. The day after the first time I worked on him, he opened his right hand for the first time. I’ve been working with him for the past three months and he’s doing amazing! He is back home, walking without a walker, making 3 meals a day, he caught up on all the book work for our family company (a lot of writing with his right hand) and last weekend he even mowed one of our empty pastures! Oh and I should add, he’s 90 years old! From not being able to move to doing most the farm work he loves in three months! The doctors are amazed.

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