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NeuroMovement video training programs
Promote the Anat Baniel Method Products and earn 40% commission for each sale you refer*.

To join the program, Simply Fill Out the Form Below.

If you are a registered affiliate and already have your login information,
Click Here to Log In to Your Affiliate Dashboard.

You will be able to get your affiliate link information, see the banner ads we have prepared, see your earnings report, and more.

* The affiliate program applies to sales of regular priced streaming and DVD products. It may also apply to selected other products at commission rates that may vary depending on the item.  We will inform our affiliates of any such special opportunities.

When you log in to the affiliate members area and you will get customized affiliate tracking code you can put on your website (or in an emailer). If someone clicks on those links, and then buys the product with 120 days, you will receive the commission on that sale.

In the affiliate members area you can also see reports on all of the sales and commissions you have earned.

All payments will be made via PayPal, so you must have a PayPal account to receive payments.

Payments will be made monthly. If the commission due is less than $100, then payment will be deferred until the total due reaches $100, and then paid on the next regularly scheduled payment date.