Fitness Myths That Hold You Back and How to Succeed

So, why is it so difficult for so many people to follow through on their fitness goals and routines?
The answer is that there are certain myths about what it takes to become more fit—increase our flexibility, strength, coordination, and stamina—that contradict what our bodies really need and require. Trying to achieve fitness, usually meaning physical fitness, is based upon myths that make it challenging, if not impossible, to commit to and achieve a successful fitness regime.

With the Anat Baniel Method, we use a NeuroMovement approach to fitness. NeuroMovement is a holistic approach to human functioning and action, based in the understanding that the brain organizes all movement. With this approach, brain change (neuroplasticity) plays a critical role in becoming physically fit. There are immediate ways for you to take advantage of the remarkable capacity of your brain to change itself and create new pathways for greater fitness and health.

Muscles Do Not Have a Mind of Their Own

There is no question that to be able to move, we need our muscles, and that stronger muscles provide us with the possibility for stronger, more powerful movement and stamina, making us more fit. However, muscles do not know what to do on their own. It is the brain that “tells” the muscles what to do—when to contract and when to let go—through the signals it sends to the muscles.

And in order for the brain to know what signals to send to our muscles, it has to first “know” that the muscles are there to be used and learn how to coordinate the different muscle groups successfully. Perhaps you’ve had the experience of trying to tone and strengthen certain muscles in your body and no matter how hard you exercised, it didn’t work. This is because your brain never connected fully enough to these muscles. The brain needs a rich variety of experiences from which it creates the necessary connections and patterns of our movements, also known as “mapping” in the brain.

The Anat Baniel Method has defined the Nine Essentials, each one providing an easy and very powerful way to flood the brain with new information that it needs. These Essentials wake up your brain to create powerful changes in your body and fitness levels. You can use the Essentials to challenge the commonly accepted beliefs about fitness, vitality, and anti-aging and successfully fulfill your fitness goals.

Five Fitness Myths

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