After sustaining a sports injury, I pursued diverse therapies and medical approaches for five years before I discovered Anat Baniel and her tapes. To my amazement, I have made great progress in thirteen months with Anat’s approach. A combination of periodic office visits and regular use of her DVD programs has dramatically reduced my pain level and, more importantly, they have given me back my life. Once again I am able to hike along mountain trails and meet other physical challenges.

Dr. Rebbecca P.

It was Anat Baniel that guided me back to health and performing. Her fantastic intuition and powerful imagination has given her the greatest tools to help mankind. Always guiding with the utmost patience, while clearly presenting how powerful the mind and body creatively work when brought together in harmony.

~Daniel K., Musician

I have observed Anat’s work with severely challenged individuals over a period of more than two decades, and have witnessed transformations that are simply stunning. Over the years, Anat explained to me the premises of her work, and I have become a life-long enthusiast.

~Dr. Daniel Graupe, University of Illinois, Chicago

My grandpa had a stroke 3 months ago and he couldn’t move his right side at all. The day after the first time I worked on him, he opened his right hand for the first time. I’ve been working with him for the past three months and he’s doing amazing! He is back home, walking without a walker, making 3 meals a day, he caught up on all the book work for our family company (a lot of writing with his right hand) and last weekend he even mowed one of our empty pastures! Oh and I should add, he’s 90 years old! From not being able to move to doing most the farm work he loves in three months! The doctors are amazed.

~Rachel VanOyen, ABM Practitioner

I went to an orthopedic surgeon because I couldn’t bear weight on my leg. He told me I needed a total knee replacement. I decided to go another route. I started the Anat Baniel Method with Jon. This method gave me instant relief, I couldn’t believe it!! Over the next four days I had four lessons and my leg felt better and better with each lesson. I could start bearing weight on it and the pain and swelling started to subside. Within two weeks I could walk again without pain, all the swelling was gone. I continue to do TMLs [transformational movement lessons] at home on CD. It’s been over two months now and my leg is pain free. I’m very thankful to Jon and the Anat Baniel Method for teaching me to have a better quality of life.


I was able to sleep all night long for the first time in seven years after just four movement lessons!


When we first met at the workshop…exactly four years ago this week, I was in terrible pain and feeling very hopeless about the quality of my life. I felt that many of the activities I enjoyed had been taken from me because of my limited movement and pain.

With your encouragement, I took a leap and came to CA for some lessons…I remember when I introduced myself to the group, I said that I hoped that someday I would be able to play tennis again, something I have done since childhood, but I don’t really think I ever expected it to happen. I am so excited to tell you that in the last month I have begun playing tennis again!

~Ann St. Clair, ABM Practitioner

The Nine Essentials were brilliant. These can apply to everything in life. Now I have the tools to support ongoing change forever.

~ABM Trainee