More about this NeuroMovement® Approach for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation, Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises and Recovery from Other Traumas

It is important to understand that once there has been a trauma, an injury, or a loss, the person is no longer the same. The soldier or car accident victim who has lost a leg has a different body than before. His or her brain needs to learn how to organize a whole “new” body and all of its movements and actions.

The old patterns no longer work, or they work only partially. This might sound discouraging but it needn’t be once we understand that the brain can change, powerfully and rapidly, to create ingenious new solutions.

The brain offers the greatest opportunity for recovery and a fully renewed life.

If the structure of the body—the bones and muscles—were the dominant factor in our ability to function, then there wouldn’t be a spinal cord injured soldier who learns to draw holding the pencil in his mouth. Nor would there be a top wrestler like Kyle Maynard, born with no arms or legs. There wouldn’t be a Barbara Guerra, born without arms, who takes care of her two children, doing everything: shopping, cooking, changing diapers, and driving, using her feet. And there wouldn’t have been a Helen Keller, who learned to speak and write though born deaf and blind.

I’m having amazing results working with people. I find it hard to believe at times. My mom had an accident when I was six and has had a particular pain in her wrist since then (38 years). I worked on her at Christmas a few times and she reports that she no longer experiences the pain. Wow!

~ Oliver Bayley, Anat Baniel Method Practitioner

ABM Takes Advantage of Brain Plasticity

It is the brain that enabled all these remarkable people to accomplish what they did. With the Anat Baniel Method℠ (ABM), we take advantage of these abilities of the human brain to change itself—what is called brain plasticity. We discover that rehabilitation is not about telling the person to try to do, over and over again, what they find is difficult for them to do, or which they can’t do at all.

Rather, it is about making sure that they do not try to do what is difficult or perhaps impossible for them. Why?

Because we don’t want their brain to create patterns of failure based on its experiences, which it will. Patterns of failure quickly create an invisible ceiling—a ceiling comprised of all the limitations they have now experienced. They then erroneously believe that these limitations are due to their condition only.

After sustaining a sports injury, I pursued diverse therapies and medical approaches for five years before I discovered Anat Baniel and her work. To my amazement, I have made great progress in thirteen months with Anat’s approach. A combination of periodic office visits and regular use of her DVD programs has dramatically reduced my pain level and, more importantly, they have given me back my life. Once again I am able to hike along mountain trails and meet other physical challenges.

~Dr. Rebbecca Probst

ABM Starts with What You Can Do

Instead, ABM starts with where the person is right now—with what they can do. We guide them through lots of gentle movements and other experiences, making sure their brains are flooded with new information. With new information, the brain awakens to creating new connections and discovers how to successfully organize their “new” body and how to manage their new self, just like they did as children.

The human brain has an enormous capacity to find alternative ways of doing things. No two people walk exactly the same way, or have the exact same handwriting and this list is infinite.

With ABM, we take advantage of this enormous potential. The Nine Essentials of the Anat Baniel Method, combined with hundreds of different movement lessons and other techniques, communicate with the brain. They wake the brain up to resume the process of discovery and improvement that it was built to do. They help the brain get what it needs—lots of new information about the new situation.

Once the brain starts working with this new information and creating new solutions, positive change and transformation happen. People begin to transcend their limitations, making the seemingly impossible, possible.

After suffering a stroke and several months of treatment I was once again able to walk normally. However, my left arm was still extremely spastic leaving me unable to use my left hand and fingers in any meaningful way. After several years of constant therapy, my doctor and therapists acknowledged that a complete recovery of my left hand was highly unlikely. I tried acupuncture, neuromuscular massage therapy and constraint-induced therapy but did not experience any significant improvement. That is, until I heard about the Anat Baniel Method (ABM). A visit to the Anat Baniel Method Center in San Rafael feels almost like a visit to the spa, as you are welcomed and comforted by the highly trained and professional staff who work in a quiet, non-pressurized and relaxed environment. I was amazed at the level of improvement I was experiencing after only a few short (and relaxing) sessions. I began to experience a new sense of freedom in movement. I suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, found myself being able to do things that were impossible only a few weeks earlier. For me, the ABM is the closest thing to “brain surgery without a knife.”

~Robert G.