The crick in the right side of my neck is greatly reduced.

~ Marjie Keeselhorst

I feel more ease in my whole being. The tightness between my shoulder blades has melted and I feel kinder to myself and all beings.

~Vanessa H. Blumberg


Whenever we experience pain anywhere in our body, it is very natural to focus on the muscles and joints where we experience that pain and try to rid ourselves of it through stretching or strengthening exercises of that area. What frequently is overlooked is that such exercises for RSI and repetitive wrist injury can aggravate the problem further because the underlying movement patterns that lead to the injury in the first place are still being used by the brain during these attempts. This can lead to further injury and deeper “grooving in” of the faulty patterns in the brain.

The Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® lessons for RSI and wrist injury offer a very different approach. Rather than focusing on the injured and painful area, the focus is on the whole body. These movement lessons, combined with the Nine Essentials, wake up the amazing potential of the brain to create more refined, more complex, and more effectively differentiated movement patterns.

As the use of the whole self evolves, healing of the joint and muscles can take place. Pain disappears and you find yourself becoming more skillful, free to move better, think more clearly, and enjoy more energy and vitality.