If you’re suffering from neck or shoulder pain, or both, you’re not alone. Neck and shoulder injury and pain are very common and can happen for many reasons. However, the biggest cause for this kind of pain is misuse and poorly organized movement, usually done over a long period of time.

Neck and shoulder tension and pain are extremely limiting. When your head can’t move freely, breathing and all movements get restricted. Anyone who has ever suffered from neck or shoulder pain knows how debilitating it can be. No wonder that the focus goes to the area of pain, for example, trying to make the pain go away by stretching the muscles, rubbing them, massaging them, or by applying heat or cold to the painful area.

These measures might give temporary and partial relief, but they miss what’s most important – the brain. The brain is the CEO of the body and the mind. It organizes all movements. It orchestrates which muscles will contract and which won’t. So in order to get rid of pain, whether it results from life long misuse, or is due to an accident, the way the body is organized to move has to change. And the change cannot happen in the neck or the shoulder alone. The whole body has to reorganize in order to get rid of the pain and restriction.

This kind of change can only happen if the habitual patterns in the brain are replaced with better ones. And that is exactly what the Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® lessons for the neck and shoulders do! These lessons, together with the Nine Essentials, help your brain to reorganize your whole body so that neck and shoulder pain disappears. At the same time, the way you feel and think is changed, freeing your creativity, and infusing you with vitality and joy.