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We appreciate your interest in the Anat Baniel Method! To learn more, you can download free chapters from Anat Baniel’s books Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits. Or try a couple of ABM Movement Lessons to experience firsthand the immediate effects of using two of the Nine Essentials. No opt-in is required.

Find out more about the Anat Baniel Method with the complimentary materials below. Please feel free to bookmark this page if you would like to come back to it.

We invite you to check out our upcoming Anat Baniel Method (ABM) workshops and other events. Anat Baniel is currently offering workshops that focus on two areas:

  • Helping adults live a pain-free, vital life with a flexible and powerful body and mind
  • Helping parents, teachers, caregivers, and therapists transform the lives of children with special needs (and typically developing children) in seemingly miraculous ways.

Move Into Life Introductory Video

Move Into Life Free Chapters to Download

Move Into Life

Table of Contents
Preface – Vitality and Youthfulness
Chapter 1 – Movement With Attention – Wake up to Life!
Chapter 2 – The Learning Switch – Bring in the New

“A new, highly original approach to creating vitality, longevity, and self-sufficiency. This book is a must-read for every person wanting to make the best of the next phase of their life.”

—Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., author of Brain Longevity

Kids Beyond Limits

Kids Beyond Limits Free Chapters

Download the Foreword, Table of Contents, and First Two Chapters.

Click Here to Download the Free Chapters.


“This accessible, insightful, practical book for parents of children with special needs will profoundly deepen their ability to help their children improve.”

—Norman Doidge, M.D., author of The Brain That Changes Itself

Move Into Life: Chapters 1 & 2

These deceptively simple exercises have been proven to have results that sometimes border on the miraculous for people! We encourage you to do these exercises while you sit in your chair at the computer. See for yourself if you notice a difference in how you move and how you feel… after spending less than 20 minutes to do both exercises.

Video Exercise 1: Movement with Attention (10 minutes)

Video Exercise 2: The Learning Switch (8 minutes)

To watch more videos about the Anat Baniel Method, please go to: www.youtube.com/abmethod

View the Current List of all ABM Events by Date: www.anatbanielmethod.com/events