ABM NeuroMovement® Students-in-Training Share Their Experiences

Life-Changing Possibilities Become Reality

This is the final article in our series of blog posts featuring the stories we received in our Share Your Story About the Anat Baniel Method® (ABM) Contest. We hope that you have found these stories informational and inspiring!

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The Story of José and Carol

As an Anat Baniel Method (ABM) student, my primary place of practice is at the Santo Niño Center in Anapra, Mexico.

One morning a 15-year old boy José (not his real name) came limping into the clinic with his father. My initial impulse was to tell him to go see a doctor. His father said that they had seen several doctors. He was given a diagnosis of sacroiliitis and was told that nothing could be done. (Read more about sacroiliitis.)

He explained that two years ago he got kicked in the ankle and took a hard fall, landing on his hip. He had not been to school since the accident.

I asked José to lie down on the table in the way that was most comfortable for him. He chose to lay on his side with the injured side up.

As José laid there, I just wondered. At that point I had no idea what to do. We were taught to begin each lesson ‘I wonder.’

Then I remembered part of a transformational movement lesson (TML) where we gently turned our toe like a corkscrew. I slowly began to do that with José’s big toe.

After a few moments I could see the expression on José’s face turn from a painful grimace to a slight smile. I felt his foot starting to come alive. I continued working with each toe and felt his leg begin to soften. I then moved to his spine and held each vertebrae with my fingers. It seemed like his whole body became more at ease.

When I finished, I asked him to come to sitting and then to stand. As he stood up a tear rolled down his cheek. He said he could stand upright without much pain. He was able to pick his feet up as he walked.

José continued to come for more lessons in the next three months. Each time he said he felt better and stronger. He started participating in life again, spending less time on the couch watching tv.

Just last week, about 6 months since our last visit, I saw José walking down the dirt road, laughing with his friends. He saw me and gave a little wave with a big smile.

I had such a feeling of gratitude for ABM and feel so fortunate to be taking the training. Seeing José gave me inspiration and reminded me of the power of wonder…and ABM.

—Carol, ABM NeuroMovement Student-in-Training

Carol is located in Anapra, Mexico, and she is an ABM-Student-in-Training who offers ABM Lessons. For more information, contact Carol at 915-525-5881 or email cawirtz@juno.com. To learn more about the clinic in Mexico, go to www.proyectosantonino.org.

The Story of Gail

Amazing, Amazing, AMAZING!!!!

Gail Young, ABM Student-in-Training

Gail Young, ABM Student-in-Training

I want to tell the world about ANAT BANIEL METHOD!!! And I have been! I have become a FAN, CLIENT, and now a STUDENT with the Anat Baniel Training!

When I first was introduced to the Anat Baniel Method in June 2013, I met Carol (the woman in the story above) who was in her training. I asked her what she did as a profession and Carol told me she was in training to become an ABM practitioner. Of course, this sparked my interest.

I had some shoulder pain and that night, Carol worked on me for only 15 minutes. The pain was completely gone!

For a year I worked to find a way where I could be in Anat’s training class. I approached my religious community about this method and for the chance for me to take this training. They said, “That will never happen here!” Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to happen in my community. A few months later, it was mutually agreed that I would leave my religious community.

Finally, I have an opportunity to be trained under Anat Baniel and the other great trainers! When there is a will there is a way! Currently, I am in the Anat Baniel Method International Professional Training Program in Henderson, NV! I am loving every minute of it. It is everything I thought and more!

Now since I have been doing the movements, I no longer have the numbness on my side when I sleep. This numbness began when I was 35 and I am now 48. I no longer have to live with pain because I am practicing the Anat Baniel Method in my daily routine!

Thank you ANAT BANIEL for living your purpose in life! And now I am living mine!

—Gail Young, ABM NeuroMovement Student-in-Training

Thank you, Carol and Gail, for sharing these inspirational stories about how ABM has impacted your clients’ and your lives! See you at the next training…Anat Baniel

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