ABM NeuroMovement Lesson: The Learning Switch

/ABM NeuroMovement Lesson: The Learning Switch
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Experience the Transformational Power of the Learning Switch

from Move Into Life: NeuroMovement® for Lifelong Vitality

Below is the Movement Lesson Video.

When we want to learn something new, get rid of pain, or move past a limitation, our brain needs new information in order to create new patterns and possibilities for us. In order for the brain to use the input that comes to it through the senses, and do something new with it, the learning switch has to be turned on. We have to be in a learning mode; otherwise, nothing new will ever happen.

Repetition, drills, and everyday stresses, as well as habitual patterns of thought, exercise, and emotions, all tend to turn the learning switch off. This lesson will demonstrate the importance of learning and how everyone can learn very quickly once the switch is turned on. Experience the power of the Learning Switch yourself with this 10-minute movement lesson.

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