NeuroMovement® Video Lesson: Movement with Attention


We appreciate your interest in Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® and the 9 Essentials.

The 9 Essentials are practical principles and easy-to-apply tools that are supported by latest discoveries in the area of brain plasticity.

Each of the 9 Essentials describes one of the brain’s requirements for waking up and doing its job well.

The Essentials offer you and your child concrete, effective, and immediate ways to easily tap into the brain’s enormous potential.

9 Essentials of ABM NeuroMovement

“Movement Is the Language of the Brain.”

~Anat Baniel

Movement with Attention – Wake up to Life

Wake up your brain with the Movement with Attention Essential. Movement is Life. Movement helps the brain grow and form. The brain is organized through movement. In turn, it is the brain that organizes all movement: the movement of your body, your thinking, your feelings, and your emotions.

When you bring attention to what you feel as you move, the brain immediately starts building billions of new neurological connections that usher in changes, learning, and transformation.

Learn more in the introductory video below.

Movement with Attention video intro

Experience the Transformational Power of Movement With Attention

Movement is the language of the brain, and your brain is the great organizer of that movement, managing trillions of connections associated with every single action, large or small. The moment you bring attention to your movement, any movement, research shows that the brain resumes growing new connections and creating new pathways and possibilities.

You can experience this yourself with this 10-minute NeuroMovement Video Lesson with Anat Baniel.

Movement with Attention video lesson

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