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Zacchaio with ABM Practitioner Sylvia Shoredike

Sylvia Shoredike and Neil Sharp Help a Child with Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome

It’s always wonderful to get photos of our ABM Center Practitioners working with their clients. Thank you for sending these!

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We also received a glowing testimonial from this parent of a child who has been receiving Anat Baniel Method (ABM) Lessons from Sylvia Shoredike and Neil Sharp. See the quote below.

We absolutely adore Neil and Sylvia! Zacchaio is so receptive of their work. Their love and passion for what they do is evident in the way they interact with Zacchaio. They love him and he warmly reciprocates.

—Alexis, Zacchaio’s Mom

ABM Practitioner Neil Sharp with ZacchaioZacchaio has been diagnosed with Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome, though it is so rare that it is sometimes referred to as Epidermal Nevus Syndrome (the umbrella under which it falls).

This is an incredibly rare genetic disorder that only a few doctors had ever heard/read about in medical books and journals. Learn more about Linear Nevus Sebaceous Syndrome.

Zacchaio’s Progress with ABM

Zacchaio’s progress has been amazing working with ABM Practitioners Sylvia and Neil:

Within one week, Zacchaio re-established head control and attentive gaze.

Within two weeks, Zacchaio was making baby sounds.

Within three weeks Zacchaio was rolling over, and within four weeks, we couldn’t contain his excitement to experience life!

ABM Practitioner Sylvia with Zacchaio

A Recent Update from Zacchaio’s Mom

We’re privileged to be a part of the ABM family and look forward to the continued awakening it promotes in our son.

Zacchaio started crawling (modified) on Thanksgiving Day! What a blessing!

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