NeuroMovement® Revolution Episode 14

We feel very connected to all of you on these NeuroMovement Revolution podcasts. Thank you so much for your communication with us and for your online participation. We are thrilled that so many of you have been watching or listening to our podcasts!

If you missed the live podcast, we invite you to view or listen to the recordings below.

Episode 14 – First 4 Essentials – Movement with Attention, Slow, Variation, Subtlety – Q&A

The 9 Essentials of NeuroMovement® offer you powerful, concrete ways to tap into the brain’s enormous potential. With the 9 Essentials, you can overcome pain and limitation and experience breakthroughs in your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities. We want all of you to discover the incredible power of your and your child’s brain to change through the Essentials.

In this podcast, Anat Baniel and Neil Sharp address:

  • questions from the audience about the first 4 Essentialsmovement with attention, slow, variation, subtlety—and also enthusiasm, the 5th Essential
  • the need for parents to get support to help them move past their fears and concerns, so that they can find internal delight for the small changes they see in their child with special needs
  • success is the most important place to start—start where children are at so that they can succeed
  • it’s important to observe, not interpret, because we do not know how far children with special needs will progress
  • never set a limit on how much a child can learn; the brain can grow and evolve at any age—be open to the lifelong process of learning
  • practical tips and examples of how to use the Essentials with children with special needs

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