Typically Developing Kids

The Anat Baniel Method Is Life-Changing for a Family!

ABM Lessons Helps Brothers: A Child with Angelman Syndrome and a Typically Developing Child
We recently received a message from a parent about the Anat Baniel Method lessons that both of her sons had. She described the long-term changes for her son who has Angelman Syndrome and the almost immediate changes she saw in her typically […]

Why Not Tummy Time?

One of the questions that we get very often is about developmental stages, especially the topic of tummy time. With the Anat Baniel Method, we generally suggest that babies not practice tummy time and that the parents not be beholding to the milestones. I plan on addressing this topic more specifically in the future. But, […]

It all begins with movement! Anat Baniel Method in the News

The following article appeared in the Vernon Morning Star this morning entitled: It Begins with Movement

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