Adults with Special Needs

A Revolutionary Approach for Traumatic Brain Injury Rehab, Stroke Rehabilitation Exercises, and Recovery from Other Traumas

The Anat Baniel Method approach for traumatic brain injury rehab, stroke rehabilitation exercises and rehabilitation from other kinds of injuries and traumas represents a significant departure from more traditional approaches in both thinking and practice. With this method the focus is shifted from trying to recover function by asking the person to do what he or she has lost the ability to do, to focusing on the master organizer and controller—the brain.

Instead of taking the client though many hours of exercising, trying to perform lost skills, we take advantage of the enormous potentials of the brain to “rewire” and create new connections and possibilities. Through practical applications of brain plasticity principles,utilizing the Nine Essentials, the Anat Baniel Method transforms and redefines what is possible for those requiring rehabilitation, both physical and cognitive.

Before anything, I need to comment on my 5 star outcome from my sessions with Neil, along with my occasional re-runs of Anat’s Healthy Backs and Necks video exercises. My once broken back is SOOO much better! My brisk walk/jog routine is for the most part completely pain free – for the first time in 30 years. I mean this is some sort of miracle!

~Joan Parsons

After suffering a stroke and several months of treatment I was once again able to walk normally. However, my left arm was still extremely spastic leaving me unable to use my left hand and fingers in any meaningful way. After several years of constant therapy, my doctor andtherapists acknowledged that a complete recovery of my left hand was highly unlikely. I tried acupuncture, neuromuscular massage therapy and constraint-induced therapy but did not experience any significant improvement. That is, until I heard about the Anat Baniel Method (ABM). A visit to the Anat Baniel Method Center in San Rafael feels almost like a visit to the spa, as you are welcomed and comforted by the highly trained and professional staff who work in a quiet, non-pressurized and relaxed environment. I was amazed at the level of improvement I was experiencing after only a few short (and relaxing) sessions. I began to experience a new sense of freedom in movement. I suddenly, and quite unexpectedly, found myself being able to do things that were impossible only a few weeks earlier. For me, the ABM is the closest thing to “brain surgery without a knife.

~Robert G.

After sustaining a sports injury, I pursued diverse therapies and medical approaches for five years before I discovered Anat Baniel and her tapes. To my amazement, I have made great progress in thirteen months with Anat’s approach. A combination of periodic office visits and regular use of her DVD programs has dramatically reduced my pain level and, more importantly, they have given me back my life. Once again I am able to hike along mountain trails and meet other physical challenges.

~Dr Rebbecca Probst