Experience the Transformational Power of the Variation Essential

from Move Into Life: The Nine Essentials for Lifelong Vitality

Below are the Movement Lesson Videos.

Discover new ways of doing things in this 10-minute movement lesson using the Variation Essential. Your toes are not that far away!

In this movement lesson, use the Variation Essential to overcome pain and limitation. Discover new ways to move that are pain-free!

Variation is a necessity for optimum health. Variation provides your brain with the richness of information it needs to create new possibilities in your movements, feelings, thoughts, and actions. It helps increase your flexibility and your awareness, and lifts you out of rigidity and being “stuck.”

By introducing variation and playfulness into everything you do, you awaken all your senses. New ideas occur and new possibilities emerge in your life. You can experience the power of the Variation Essential with these short movement lessons.

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